Hello, I'm Kate Bowen

I would say I first really got into photography in 7th grade. My middle school offered a photography class as an elective and I signed up, when my uncle heard I was taking the class he gifted me his old Canon (Pictured here). I was most excited about working in the dark room and developing my own film. Being in the dark room felt like such a departure from sitting in a desk and working through math problems and I loved it! While I didn't continue with photography immediately because I was drawn towards the theatre arts it was something that continued to be a hobby of mine throughout growing up.

With a bachelors in Theatre Arts from California State University Long Beach, my creative inclinations eventually led me back to photography this time digital as opposed to film. A medium that has allowed me to work side-by-side with families creating and capturing unique smile worthy moments as well as be creative alongside models to create images that I've envisioned in my head.