Hello, I'm Kate Bowen

I first really got into photography in 7th grade. My middle school offered a photography class as an elective and when my uncle heard I was taking the class he gifted me his old Canon (Pictured here). I was most excited about working in the dark room and developing my own film. Being in the dark room felt like such a departure from sitting at a desk and working through math problems and I loved it!

Throughout childhood and onwards I have always been a creator. Whether it was sewing my own dresses for dances, writing/directing plays, or making candles, I always have loved making things. With a bachelors in Theatre Arts from California State University Long Beach, my creative inclinations eventually led me back to photography this time digital as opposed to film. This medium has allowed me to work side-by-side with families creating and capturing unique magical moments. I also collaborate on photoshoots with models to make images that are inspired by fairty tales, folklore, classic art and the nature that surrounds us.

Most of the time you can find me in or near the water, playing with flowers, or curled up watching my favorite fantasy films.