The Process

 This was my third collaboration with Kate from Parties and Paint by Kate. Kate owns and runs her own character entertainment business and working with her on character shoots is one of my absolute favorite things! We first did an Alice themed shoot then we did Tink in spring 2022. For this third session I knew we would be shooting during wildflower season and so I wanted to have Kate be a character that could lend itself to the greenery and flowers. The giant flower braid that Rapunzel wears seemed like a perfect accent to a field of flowers. Because Kate comes with her own hair, make up and costumes I get to focus on location, props and posing. To figure out props for a character shoot I always go to the source. I watch, listen to and look at many different versions of the story the character is from. I try to choose a variety of time periods to source the material from to give myself as broad of a perspective as possible.

Shoot day

During this session, our intention was to capture the enchanting essence of being in a storybook. We began about an hour before sunset at Lake Los Carneros in Santa Barbara and the glow of golden hour helped to transform the flower and grass fields into a warm canvas of colors. What sets this location apart and makes it particularly appealing for our creative pursuits is its abundant diversity of captivating "backdrops," all conveniently situated within a short distance from each other. This arrangement allowed us to maximize our shooting time, minimizing the need to traverse long distances between each scene. We focused on a lot of delicate posing as well as expressive faces to give that fairytale energy.

Bit of magic

We had two little magical moments that happened during our shoot at Lake Los Carneros. The first was a beautiful rainbow high up in the mountains appeared and luckily we didn't have to deal with any rain where we were! Next when Kate walked up to the lake a swan caught sight of her and made a direct b-line to her as if to say "I'm here to greet you Princess!" Besides our magical moments a few kiddos on the trail got a little magical moment when they got to stop and chat with Rapunzel for a few minutes. Kate always comes prepared with stickers or pixie dust to play with the kids who might spot us during our sessions.

Model: Kate Samuel LaPlante @partiesandpaintbykate